Final Thoughts About SMET

Hello everyone, this will be my final blog for this semester of the of the year. For this blog I will be giving my final thoughts on what I think from when I started this program up until now. So here is all that I know and learned from this semester from the beginning to end. I hope you all enjoy it.

At the beginning of the Social Media and Emerging Technology course I didn’t really know much about the course at all. Now I know more about SMET than when I first started the class. I have realized that I have actually learned quite a bit since the beginning of this course. This class has been very helpful in learning the Social Media and the Emerging Technology that comes from it.

I learned more about social media tools and services since the beginning of the course, I also know more about twitter and Facebook analysis through learning the social media tools and how to use them to see how many times I use twitter or Facebook. I now know how to blog better than I used to, and will make better use of it in the future for anything I need to do. I will also check and update my Facebook and twitter to make sure everything is done appropriately.

My thoughts about this class has improved I have enjoyed this class more than I thought I would, it was an enjoyable and fun experience. My opinions haven’t changed much but I have enjoyed the SMET course and everything that I have learned, including the Disney presentation that we have done today I have learned about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and what they have to offer for businesses. At the end of it all I will be more positive about everything that I have gained from this class and become a better person from it. I will using Facebook, Twitter and blogging more now then when I used to, now that I know how to blog it is more interesting than when I first started because I didn’t know how to use it at first now I do.



How to Measure Success, the pros & cons of it all

Hello once again everyone, with this week’s blog I will be writing on three different Social Media Measurement Tools or Services that will be useful or can be useful. I will also be discussing the pro’s and con’s on the three tools or services that I have researched and have also learned in my social media class. To start off the three tools or services that I will talking about this week are as listed here are 1.) Twitter Counter, 2.) Sysomos & last but not least 3.) WordPress Stats. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog if not at least come out with some knowledge of these three sites and what they can do for a business or a business that you own or work for.

The first one that I have picked and have done research one is Twitter Counter which I have added an example of by using by going into my twitter account and shows an example of another person and how many followers that they have. Twitter Counter is a program that checks that stats of your twitter followers. It let’s you see how many people are actually following you if you are curious to find out. So I went and checked the site out myself and found it to be a very interesting page. I have even looked up myself on twitter counter and found some low numbers since October.  It let’s you know the top 100 people that are most followed, and how to get more followers, but by doing that you will have to pay money. For a business you can check to see what top 100 businesses there are on twitter and compare them to yours.  Other than that it is free to use and also fun and interesting to use to find out where you are and to find out how many twitter followers you have by statistics. I find the Pro’s for Twitter Counter are that it is easy to navigate and find what you want. It’s great for a business that wants to find out how they are doing compared to others. They can see how many followers that they have and see what stats that they have as well. You can even use the search if you can’t find what you are looking for. A company can also get notifications to let them know how many tweets that they put out.

I think Twitter Counter is a good site for being able to keep an eye on how many people are following you, as well as keeping yourself notified how many tweets that you have hit. It’s a very organised and neat site, with a good use of colors and they don’t make it overwhelming for the user. They make it user friendly.

The second one that I have chosen to do is Sysomos. Sysomos is a social media analytic’s site that helps redefine social media for company’s. It also helps marketers, and many other companies and advertisers the insight and knowledge they need to help a business succeed in making them smarter and make better strategic decisions for their company. Sysomos collects data from sources such as Twitter, Blog’s such wordpress or other’s, wiki, and many other sites. It’s also a site to help a business to discover what kind of conversations that are happening in what the age range of customer’s are and the demographic of everything. It will help a business grow and get the tone of the conversations that are going on as well. It also has MAP which stands for Media Analysis Platform which is for Business Intelligence for Social Media  and Heartbeat a Monitoring and Measurement. They are both products from Sysomos. They also have a Solutions and Reports tabs for helping a company with social media and ways to help you brand your company. The pro’s for Sysomos would be they are a Social Media Software that can help business’s, brand’s and agencies in what they need. Help business’s improve themselves. It’s also another user friendly site to use for a business. It also helps manage your twitter and facebook pages, social media monitoring, engagement and analytic’s and insights for business’s.

I found with Sysomos is a good site for a company to use it has everything in one simple site. I like it, it would be a site that I would use if I had my own business or even suggest it to a business that I am working for. It is another site that doesn’t over do it with the colors, it’s neat and get’s to the point to what business’s want and need to help them improve or to help keep track of sites used in one area such as twitter and facebook together.

The third I one that I have chosen is WordPress Stats. WordPress Stats is a web analytic’s site that is used. For a business WordPress Stats would help them with their blog’s, let them know how many wordpress sites there are in the world. When I checked there was about 58,141,107 wordpress sites in the world as of now. It will give a business or even bloggers such as myself, how many people actually read wordpress blogs, how many posts were published, to what business and companies for example CNN, Techcrunch, NBC Sports and a few others. It also gives you a percentage languages that WordPress uses in the world. For a business this would be great it lets them know what is going on with wordpress and what their stats are when you are signed on. It would also be helpful for a company to keep track of everything that is on the page, let them know how many languages that are used, who is at the top for who uses wordpress. The pro’s about WordPress stats is that it so everything that should be convenient for a business on one page. Will WordPress keep growing and if it does the better the business will do by getting their blogs out and finding other people that may have interesting ideas on their company.

For myself I think WordPress Stats is a good way to keep in touch with what you do and to keep an eye on thing’s and to give you a new perspective on thing’s and what you can do for a business. Know how to utilize what you know and how to use it. It gives you stats of what you want to know about your wordpress. I think it is creative and good to know, I like it for what it is.

Out of all of the three Social Media Tools or Services that I picked, I liked all three of them. I think personally that would work for business, as well as for personal use as well. Everyone is curious on how they are doing and now will know how do use these measurement tools, and if they haven’t heard about them spread the word, let them know about them. I know I will look into them more now, I know more about them now then before I started my SMET class (Social Media & Emerging Technologies). There are more to use, other than the ones that I have chosen but these are the three that I like and would probably use in the future, depending on either how much they cost or if they are free to use.

That is the ending of my blog for this week, I hope that everyone has enjoyed this entry.


Social Media Strategy in a Business World

Hello Everyone, this week my blog will be a little more different than usual. This week I will be doing my blog on a Social Media Strategy that will help a business using social media. I hope that you all will enjoy this blog and will get some idea’s and insight on what you can do yourself with some of the information provided. This is also from a business that was given to us called Extreme Promotional Materials.


Extreme Promotional Materials deals mainly with Team Jersey’s, as well as a vast variety of goods. Extreme Promotional Materials Facebook page would have the company logo, Albums of what they have such as pictures of their team jerseys, what the store outlook is like. Even get some of the employees in making the materials and what they do. Provide polls and a custom page on the timeline. Expand further into Ontario and other Provinces.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

Extreme Promotional Materials stands for the sports in the community. EPM is building up to spreading out past school and league teams. We want to expand into both greater geographical and get into the niche markets of today. By using Facebook we will achieve our goal of expanding and spread out from south eastern Ontario after spending the last 15 years coming up with new and creative ways to serve our customers better.

Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Materials holds highest standards and best quality on our products and services with just dealing mainly with printing. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and if not they can comment on our Facebook page, or even contact directly if they are not 100% happy with what they have bought.

Target Audiences:

Our company’s goal is to target people of all ages from high school to the parents of the teenagers. Whether they play sports, or just want a Jersey with from baseball or hockey to have their favorite players name on the back. They want to be loud and proud in what they wear. We want to be wide spread from south eastern Ontario throughout to Canada and even expand to U.S. target markets. We want our customers to be happy and satisfactory and leading into positive relationships with the customers.

Social Media Tools:

The company will be sticking with one Social Media Tool and that will be Facebook. We will have a full time person working with the site to answer any comments or question from our customers and clients. We want them to have a positive experience and not wanting them to leave the site deterred and frustrated because their question did not get answered as quickly or as thoroughly wanted. This business would get a lot of followers because there are a lot of Facebook users worldwide now. They would use it because Facebook is really convenient and easy to use and get around.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

For the company using Facebook will help improve the business and help the business achieve their goal into getting more of a wide spread attention from more leagues around the world. Not only leagues but fans of sports. The content of the page will include everything about the store, from what we do to what the customer wants and needs. We want to set a friendly environment for our customers we want to make them happy and keep them satisfied within the process. Our target audience is the entire Facebook world from teens in high school to their parents and up. We want to stay up beat and also up to date on the latest trends. Our posting frequency would be daily we have hired a person to create the Facebook page for the company and another person who has experience within our company to answer any and all questions from the time that we open to the time that we are closed to serve and to satisfy the customers or users of Facebook. If they do not answer it will be responded to immediately the next day.

Three Ways or Steps to Improve my Digital Footprint and Build a Personal Brand

Hello once again everyone, this week I am going to discuss three ways/steps to how I myself am going to improve my digital footprint on the web. Some people might say what is a digital footprint if you don’t know already it is what you leave on the internet for people to see such as your facebook page, twitter, and last but not least Linked in. Linked in is how we now a days have an online resume and what I have learned to use and update through my college course. But I will discuss or touch on some of the thing’s in my three steps/ways to improve upon my digital footprint.

To get started my very first thing that I would improve upon is to use my Linked In account more often and to update it. With such sites as Linked In it’s a better and updated way of using technology to your advantage, if you are a tech savvy kind of person. But even if your not tech savvy with computers it is one of the easier ways to be online and out there for the business world.

More and more companies and businesses now a days are looking online for employees people to work for. Hardly any companies take hard copies, paper version of your resume anymore it’s more of the online age now.

I find that I have to get on more to enhance myself to get out there and get a good job after I am finished with my education. By using Linked In and keeping it updated every time is the best possible way of doing that. I find that you can use Linked In to connect with people from other businesses, find job postings, update and post thing’s on there to get a potential employer to hire you for what you are good at as well as being skilled.

The second step I would take is to watch what I do on Facebook. You never know who or what is watching what you do on Facebook. If I were to do anything to improve my digital footprint is to edit my profile and private setting’s to only those I know, such as family friends. If I ever make friends with employees or employers never to post anything that could ruin my reputation that could or would get me fired. Facebook is very odd when it comes to digital footprint everybody or nobody may notice you for what you do or have done. One thing that I have learned never post anything on the internet or Facebook that might get you sacked from a job that you love doing the most. It even be over a goofy photo from many years ago but still one Google search and boom there you go. I know now to be professional do not post anything that I know or think would hurt me down the road, it might be fun and games on day but very serious the next.

The third and last step that I would do is Twitter. Who knows what could happen on twitter. I haven’t been on Twitter very long and have been enjoying it a little bit more since taking my course in college. But it is another social media item that can have an effect on me and my plans for the future. I don’t want to be one of those people who might have one of those stressful days and my just vent it all out on Twitter. Then realize after the fact that may have not been the best choice that I have ever made. Who might that effect other than me and who might get mad for what have said or done. What would the down side be and what would the backlash be from it all. How will it effect the position you are in by what you have said about so and so or what you my have said about your company because of a bad day at work. How many people have ever wanted to let off steam and do that I know I have a few times but bit my tongue and said that’s not such a good idea.

With using all three steps that I have listed I can definitely use them to my advantage. By using Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter I can make myself look professional in a business person’s eyes, as long as I take all the right steps to make sure that nothing negative happens to my image. I can make the best or the worst out of it, it is what I choose to do that will effect the outcome of what will or may happen in my future. I can make a better life for myself by enhancing and improving on all three sites that I have talked about. Use what I have on hand to improve such as checking Google to see if I am on the first page with any one of these sites and if I am getting good or bad reviews or comments from other users.

On this note I hope most people will  re-think on what they have done or haven’t done to help improve themselves to make better use of  resources at hand. It definitely has made me double think about what I do online about my personal brand and digital footprint left behind online.


Latest Stories in the Social Media World

Hello everyone this week I will be talking about three articles that I have found within these three websites Mashable, Social Media Explorer, and TechCrunch. I have chosen one article from each site to write about that I am interested in that has happened this past week. The three articles I have chosen to talk about are one the new I-Pad mini coming out with hurricane sandy, Zen and the art of website conversation and another I find very interesting is how the pentagon is possibly moving from Blackberry to the I-Phone or the Android Device. I find these articles interesting and a good read on how they effect the many possibilities in the workforce.

The first article I found was on Hurricane Sandy Won’t Stop the iPad Mini Launch written by Samantha Murphy and came out on November 1, 2012. From Mashable website.

As everyone knows or may know Hurricane Sandy hit New York City pretty bad and crippled them earlier in the week. But with that it did not stop the new I-Pad Mini from Apple from bringing it out on it’s highly anticipated due date Friday. Even though with the transportation being very limited preventing some of their customers from work and to other much needed places, Apple continued it’s launch as planned, bad weather or not. On the fifth avenue location the launch was still on there was only one person waiting in the line. Apple itself had to shuttle their own employees to work  and only 15 of the employees took advantage of the bus services that were offered.

For this article I find even the weather can effect a business such as Apple, New York was one city hit and crippled, but not as bad as some of the other area’s hit by Hurricane Sandy. Apple still managed to make due with what they had even though they had bad circumstances their sales will go up but not in the way that had hoped. But this proves no matter what people are still wanting electronics made by Apple no matter what happens.

The second article I found interesting was Zen and the Art of Website Conversation written by Kat French posted on October 31, 2012. From Social Media Explorer.

Before Social Media was part of Pete Cashmore’s job he built websites. Also including such thing’s as making flyers, billboards and brochures. As with most websites and other paper media, some thing’s will not change and that is when should you stop adding to what you have. In the many positions that one person may have with creating websites is how much capacity or content should be on them. Make them neat and interesting to create the ideal or perfect website. But that never usually happens and some websites look cluttered and messy like it just doesn’t belong. With websites that are talked about in this blog, people rather have what they need and what they want than something that is cluttered and not being able to find the information that they need. It deals with Zen you don’t mess with a good thing, mess with it and it will go down hill and now people will not want to look at it or even read the content if it is to full. Filling a website with clutter only frustrates and overwhelms the person looking at the site, they want quick easy simple site to find what they want when they need it. Make them quick and efficient with no hassles to deal with the easier it will be for the users. Less complaints, more conversations of positive thoughts and comments will come from the user/customer. People want to have a good experience so they can come back and the company will have repeat business. For example google want to find something you have to do some searching to find what you need it might look like a lot of clutter at first but type in the search engine what you want it get less of a distraction and more information that you want.

With Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blog’s you can organize with gadgets and widget’s. With these sites you add and subtract people you socialize with or even having multiple items on a page like facebook with their games. Getting people from one of your sites and connect them to another using widgets like Twitter and Facebook even including blog’s. Corporate websites can also lack the substantial usefulness and some thing’s you can’t get rid of. Each and every thing that is included on the page may like or dislike what is on the page after they pass the homepage of a site. Each is to their own, you want to attract people make a site more inviting and clear path they will have less stress and more ease of enjoying. Eliminate all clutter to make it better for the user they will come back more then less.

I find this article very interesting it tells the truth of what happens with content in a website some are overcrowded and stressful to use. The less cluttered a page is the better for the customer or user of the site to get through. Less garbage on the site and more useful information and content the better. Such as Via Rail and other examples of business do a good job at providing their customers with the information they need to go somewhere. It says a lot about social media how it works. For businesses it can effect them in a good or bad way depending on what information they put on their sites and they do not overcrowd them and not make their consumer confused and disorientated.

Last but not least my third article that I have chosen is called Move Over Blackberry: Pentagon Opens Up The Possibility OF Adding iPhone of Android Devices. Written By Darrel Etherington, posted on November 1, 2012. From TechCrunch.

In the U.S. the Government is looking at replacing the Blackberry in which most businesses use now for company phones and switch them up for better phones such as the I-Phone and Android series phones. With this being said RIM will no longer be part of the smartphones that are planning on using and are keeping their options open. They are looking for companies that will submit applications on how they can have stricter security measures than the ones that are already in place. This means 8 million devices could be used for the Defense Department which means bad news for RIM and good news for the company replacing them such as I-Phone or Android. RIM is trying to come up with a potential solution for them to consider. But some other parts of the U.S.  such as immigration and Customs have already made the decision  to entirely switch over to I-Phone and Blackberry might still have a chance with the Pentagon yet. The Pentagon is waiting to see what Blackberry is going to do next and see what their future en devours might take them. They will find out by April whether Blackberry will meet their criteria or not.

This article for instance will have a big impact on Blackberry (RIM – Research in Motion). If all of these companies switch it will dig RIM  into a bigger while than are already in. Their stocks will also drop. Unless RIM, Blackberry can fix their issues and make their company better to compete with iPhone and Android they might end up bankrupt and or out of business entirely.

My own analysis on these three articles that I found all very interesting. My final thoughts are they are all connected by social media businesses. What can make or break you within a business or a company. Either from switching a phone for your main business to a cluttered website that is only useful with the appropriate content on it. Also including on how a Hurricane can effect sales or not. It is the decisions that one company makes that will effect what will happen in the present or the future. They make sure they fix the mistakes that have happened to make sure they have a better future within the business or company.


How I would use 2 Social Media tool/items for a business

For my blog this week I am going to discuss two interesting tools of Social Media. The two that I have chosen to use for a business are Instagram which is used with I-Phones and Androids and is very popular with many of the I-phone and Android users and a fun way to connect with people, by taking pictures and making look like old polaroids. The second Social Media tool I have chosen that I would use for a business is QR codes who is not fascinated by QR scanning codes I know I am and I like using them myself throughout magazines and scan it to find a recipe I really want to make or to find out what is in it.

In or for a business I would use Instagram for a way to get my customers attention, also to get them involved with the business, look at what they want or might want in the future. It’s a free program. It’s a fun way for customer’s to interact with the company taking pictures and posting them on Facebook for others to look at and they can share with others.Instagram can be used for advertising for the business, letting people know what’s new and exciting coming out, without even having to say anything they can come and go as they please. Leaving comments on what they have done. A picture can say a thousand words for a lot of people. People can even post a picture right away or even the business itself. As soon as a new product comes in take a picture and up it goes in an instant. I would take a picture of the front of the store itself, even a few pictures of the employees helping the customers and what they are doing.

The second social media tool to be used in the business will be QR codes since they have become more popular in the past two to three years. They are a very helpful and useful tool for a business. QR codes have many uses for instance you can use them on a business card that you have a person can scan the code with their I-phone or any other smartphone device to get more details about not only you but your business in general. What you make, build, where the location is, it will take you directly to the business site itself. I would use it for products that the company has so you can find out what the product is what you can use it for. I would post them throughout the building filled with interesting facts for when clients some in or customers of the business. They can be put up for directional purposes or just to find out what each department does and what that department is for in the building without disturbing the workers within the building. I would also use QR codes for survey’s, questionnaires, recipes, or even links to what is happening with the company, such as a company newsletter using a QR code sent out in a flyer.

The reason I have used these two specific social media tools is because they are popular and both are easy and accessible to use and on most smartphones are free downloadable apps. There is also a website to make your own QR codes. I think it’s the best way to keep a business going by using intsgram would help a business greatly dealing with photo’s and using a new and fun way of using a polaroid but with light smartphone and not a bulky camera. It is something that you can take everywhere with you and can give you new idea’s for your business take a pic send it to the companies facebook page and see what comments you get from the employees as well as clients and customers of the company. The QR codes are another interesting social media item that would go well with a business all you have to do is have the free software point click or scan and you have your information at your finger tips. You don’t have to wait for anyone to come help you.  I think using these to social media tools would help a business greatly and get them to further their business with technology.

Pet Pawsitive – A Fictional Business

For this weeks blog I am giving out details about a business that was given to us. I am to promote this business known as Pet Pawsitive with discussing how I would used videos. Such as advertising,  products, services, marketing and a variety more of things that are involved with this business. I hope you will all enjoy it.

As a start for Pet Pawsitive I would create videos showing what the business is about such as how we would train our clients pets, what techniques we use and how they work to demonstrate how well the training goes.

Videos showing the pets and their owner’s going through the store together to find the type of food or products the owner and their pet’s would like and enjoy. Showing of the pets telling owners what they want to eat. Videos on how to train your dog such as selling Cesar Millan Videos and books within the store itself.

We would also create television ads, also using YouTube to spread the advertising get the business out there.

Also having videos to show how Pet Pawsitive is set out to help out animals in shelters instead of keeping them in their own store to go and adopt and animal from the local animal shelters or the OSPCA and you can go and volunteer yourself if you are an animal lover.

Also Pet Pawsitive is a community based company who loves to get involved with the community and hold fundraisers. Having a video showing how they are involved and and how their fundraisers work would make people want to help animals/pets more than getting them from puppy mills and other areas from around the world. Pet Pawsitive puts positive thoughts on how to rescue and train your pets accordingly and in a good environment.

I came up with some of these creations of videos for this company and some links showing already made YouTube video as examples how some video’s I would create would look like. I would want people to have a good experience with a pet store, animal shelter and even their pets like I have with the many years that I have owned dog’s or even other animals myself. I would use all of these video’s because it would catch the consumers, pet owner’s and non pet owners on how to treat their pets. I also hope that people will adopt a pet than buy one that is in a non licensed/licensed pet store or puppy mill. Animal’s want and need a second chance in life, even if their first chance wasn’t that nice.