Exciting Assignment # 1

My initial thoughts on social media and emerging technology is fun and exciting so far. It makes you learn about blogs and learn how to create them like what I am doing right now. I am enjoying it so far and it’s very interesting.

I am expecting to learn a lot from this course and how to blog , use twitter and many other exciting new and interesting social media. I might not know a lot about this course right now but I am hoping to learn a lot from this course and to get to know to use the blogging page more. I also like to meet knew people in this class as well as on the blogging page. I am hoping to it will be challenging and fun to attend for the semester.

I am hoping to come out of this class knowing a lot more about social media and emerging technology. I also want to become more knowledgeable from this course and what will come from it. I am excited and am having fun so far with enjoying this class and hope there will be more fun and exciting thing’s to come.

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