How I would use 2 Social Media tool/items for a business

For my blog this week I am going to discuss two interesting tools of Social Media. The two that I have chosen to use for a business are Instagram which is used with I-Phones and Androids and is very popular with many of the I-phone and Android users and a fun way to connect with people, by taking pictures and making look like old polaroids. The second Social Media tool I have chosen that I would use for a business is QR codes who is not fascinated by QR scanning codes I know I am and I like using them myself throughout magazines and scan it to find a recipe I really want to make or to find out what is in it.

In or for a business I would use Instagram for a way to get my customers attention, also to get them involved with the business, look at what they want or might want in the future. It’s a free program. It’s a fun way for customer’s to interact with the company taking pictures and posting them on Facebook for others to look at and they can share with others.Instagram can be used for advertising for the business, letting people know what’s new and exciting coming out, without even having to say anything they can come and go as they please. Leaving comments on what they have done. A picture can say a thousand words for a lot of people. People can even post a picture right away or even the business itself. As soon as a new product comes in take a picture and up it goes in an instant. I would take a picture of the front of the store itself, even a few pictures of the employees helping the customers and what they are doing.

The second social media tool to be used in the business will be QR codes since they have become more popular in the past two to three years. They are a very helpful and useful tool for a business. QR codes have many uses for instance you can use them on a business card that you have a person can scan the code with their I-phone or any other smartphone device to get more details about not only you but your business in general. What you make, build, where the location is, it will take you directly to the business site itself. I would use it for products that the company has so you can find out what the product is what you can use it for. I would post them throughout the building filled with interesting facts for when clients some in or customers of the business. They can be put up for directional purposes or just to find out what each department does and what that department is for in the building without disturbing the workers within the building. I would also use QR codes for survey’s, questionnaires, recipes, or even links to what is happening with the company, such as a company newsletter using a QR code sent out in a flyer.

The reason I have used these two specific social media tools is because they are popular and both are easy and accessible to use and on most smartphones are free downloadable apps. There is also a website to make your own QR codes. I think it’s the best way to keep a business going by using intsgram would help a business greatly dealing with photo’s and using a new and fun way of using a polaroid but with light smartphone and not a bulky camera. It is something that you can take everywhere with you and can give you new idea’s for your business take a pic send it to the companies facebook page and see what comments you get from the employees as well as clients and customers of the company. The QR codes are another interesting social media item that would go well with a business all you have to do is have the free software point click or scan and you have your information at your finger tips. You don’t have to wait for anyone to come help you.  I think using these to social media tools would help a business greatly and get them to further their business with technology.


Pet Pawsitive – A Fictional Business

For this weeks blog I am giving out details about a business that was given to us. I am to promote this business known as Pet Pawsitive with discussing how I would used videos. Such as advertising,  products, services, marketing and a variety more of things that are involved with this business. I hope you will all enjoy it.

As a start for Pet Pawsitive I would create videos showing what the business is about such as how we would train our clients pets, what techniques we use and how they work to demonstrate how well the training goes.

Videos showing the pets and their owner’s going through the store together to find the type of food or products the owner and their pet’s would like and enjoy. Showing of the pets telling owners what they want to eat. Videos on how to train your dog such as selling Cesar Millan Videos and books within the store itself.

We would also create television ads, also using YouTube to spread the advertising get the business out there.

Also having videos to show how Pet Pawsitive is set out to help out animals in shelters instead of keeping them in their own store to go and adopt and animal from the local animal shelters or the OSPCA and you can go and volunteer yourself if you are an animal lover.

Also Pet Pawsitive is a community based company who loves to get involved with the community and hold fundraisers. Having a video showing how they are involved and and how their fundraisers work would make people want to help animals/pets more than getting them from puppy mills and other areas from around the world. Pet Pawsitive puts positive thoughts on how to rescue and train your pets accordingly and in a good environment.

I came up with some of these creations of videos for this company and some links showing already made YouTube video as examples how some video’s I would create would look like. I would want people to have a good experience with a pet store, animal shelter and even their pets like I have with the many years that I have owned dog’s or even other animals myself. I would use all of these video’s because it would catch the consumers, pet owner’s and non pet owners on how to treat their pets. I also hope that people will adopt a pet than buy one that is in a non licensed/licensed pet store or puppy mill. Animal’s want and need a second chance in life, even if their first chance wasn’t that nice.

Castle – ABC a Facebook Page

This week I will be blogging about Facebook and how companies, business’s and brands will use facebook. I have chosen to do Castle the television series that airs on ABC which is the company/business I chose to do the blog about. ABC is known as a television station that holds a lot of television series such as Castle which is one of my favorite shows. I am going to go into detail on how well they have actually done with the Castle Facebook page.

I have chosen as you all know ABC for my Facebook blog on Castle. I have chosen this facebook page not only because I like Castle the series but how they can interact with me and other Castle fans. How do they respond what is new and upcoming for this fun and exciting series, what have they done to catch their fans to follow them on facebook. At first what I sound interesting was how they have other sites that you can follow from facebook itself such as looking at photo’s, following them on twitter, ABC’s own social Hub, Pinterest, #Caskett moments, events, likes, polls, a check in site and also videos from the show. So if you have missed anything you can cathc up on what you missed talk to other Castle fans/followers. They have interactive spots in their timeline so you can ask Castle questions, even connecting you to the site to talk to the famous Richard Castle by going to The value of this site for their fans is that can watch and dicuss what they have seen all in one place as soon as they see the episode that just on or even one they have missed right on ABC Castle Facebook page they can go right into a full conversation with other fans or followers that are interested in the show. They have visual content such as pictures and videos showing what is happening in Castle what is coming up, what has actually happened. The site is very updated from week to week so you don’t miss anything that has happened on the show, they talk and get involved with their fan base and followers. So far they have a hit of 37,222 who like the site alone as well as having 346K talking about the Castle site. I find the numbers amazing of how many people actually like the show and how ABC keeps it very professional and up to date on all thing’s Castle. They also advertise or show what Castles books are out. They also count down to how many days there are until the season premere of the when Castle starts. Which it already has and it’s and excting season already. They also get the fan base and followers into the page by giving spoilers, quotes from the show and many other fun facts and photos.

I found the page to be fun, exciting and interesting all at the same time, very updated kept especially me wanting to keep searching the facebook page. I know I am a fan of the show already but it give you many more chances to talk to other’s about the show, watch any episodes that you may have missed without having to pay for it. It’s a company and facebook page I know I would come back and visit more now than I did before. I found that ABC did a great job on the site they made it interactive for fans/followers and give them many more ways to follow Castle not only through Facebook but Twitter followers as well. I give this site a thumbs up for what they have done, I like the site and it’s very well done and organized.