Castle – ABC a Facebook Page

This week I will be blogging about Facebook and how companies, business’s and brands will use facebook. I have chosen to do Castle the television series that airs on ABC which is the company/business I chose to do the blog about. ABC is known as a television station that holds a lot of television series such as Castle which is one of my favorite shows. I am going to go into detail on how well they have actually done with the Castle Facebook page.

I have chosen as you all know ABC for my Facebook blog on Castle. I have chosen this facebook page not only because I like Castle the series but how they can interact with me and other Castle fans. How do they respond what is new and upcoming for this fun and exciting series, what have they done to catch their fans to follow them on facebook. At first what I sound interesting was how they have other sites that you can follow from facebook itself such as looking at photo’s, following them on twitter, ABC’s own social Hub, Pinterest, #Caskett moments, events, likes, polls, a check in site and also videos from the show. So if you have missed anything you can cathc up on what you missed talk to other Castle fans/followers. They have interactive spots in their timeline so you can ask Castle questions, even connecting you to the site to talk to the famous Richard Castle by going to The value of this site for their fans is that can watch and dicuss what they have seen all in one place as soon as they see the episode that just on or even one they have missed right on ABC Castle Facebook page they can go right into a full conversation with other fans or followers that are interested in the show. They have visual content such as pictures and videos showing what is happening in Castle what is coming up, what has actually happened. The site is very updated from week to week so you don’t miss anything that has happened on the show, they talk and get involved with their fan base and followers. So far they have a hit of 37,222 who like the site alone as well as having 346K talking about the Castle site. I find the numbers amazing of how many people actually like the show and how ABC keeps it very professional and up to date on all thing’s Castle. They also advertise or show what Castles books are out. They also count down to how many days there are until the season premere of the when Castle starts. Which it already has and it’s and excting season already. They also get the fan base and followers into the page by giving spoilers, quotes from the show and many other fun facts and photos.

I found the page to be fun, exciting and interesting all at the same time, very updated kept especially me wanting to keep searching the facebook page. I know I am a fan of the show already but it give you many more chances to talk to other’s about the show, watch any episodes that you may have missed without having to pay for it. It’s a company and facebook page I know I would come back and visit more now than I did before. I found that ABC did a great job on the site they made it interactive for fans/followers and give them many more ways to follow Castle not only through Facebook but Twitter followers as well. I give this site a thumbs up for what they have done, I like the site and it’s very well done and organized.


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