Pet Pawsitive – A Fictional Business

For this weeks blog I am giving out details about a business that was given to us. I am to promote this business known as Pet Pawsitive with discussing how I would used videos. Such as advertising,  products, services, marketing and a variety more of things that are involved with this business. I hope you will all enjoy it.

As a start for Pet Pawsitive I would create videos showing what the business is about such as how we would train our clients pets, what techniques we use and how they work to demonstrate how well the training goes.

Videos showing the pets and their owner’s going through the store together to find the type of food or products the owner and their pet’s would like and enjoy. Showing of the pets telling owners what they want to eat. Videos on how to train your dog such as selling Cesar Millan Videos and books within the store itself.

We would also create television ads, also using YouTube to spread the advertising get the business out there.

Also having videos to show how Pet Pawsitive is set out to help out animals in shelters instead of keeping them in their own store to go and adopt and animal from the local animal shelters or the OSPCA and you can go and volunteer yourself if you are an animal lover.

Also Pet Pawsitive is a community based company who loves to get involved with the community and hold fundraisers. Having a video showing how they are involved and and how their fundraisers work would make people want to help animals/pets more than getting them from puppy mills and other areas from around the world. Pet Pawsitive puts positive thoughts on how to rescue and train your pets accordingly and in a good environment.

I came up with some of these creations of videos for this company and some links showing already made YouTube video as examples how some video’s I would create would look like. I would want people to have a good experience with a pet store, animal shelter and even their pets like I have with the many years that I have owned dog’s or even other animals myself. I would use all of these video’s because it would catch the consumers, pet owner’s and non pet owners on how to treat their pets. I also hope that people will adopt a pet than buy one that is in a non licensed/licensed pet store or puppy mill. Animal’s want and need a second chance in life, even if their first chance wasn’t that nice.


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