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Hello everyone this week I will be talking about three articles that I have found within these three websites Mashable, Social Media Explorer, and TechCrunch. I have chosen one article from each site to write about that I am interested in that has happened this past week. The three articles I have chosen to talk about are one the new I-Pad mini coming out with hurricane sandy, Zen and the art of website conversation and another I find very interesting is how the pentagon is possibly moving from Blackberry to the I-Phone or the Android Device. I find these articles interesting and a good read on how they effect the many possibilities in the workforce.

The first article I found was on Hurricane Sandy Won’t Stop the iPad Mini Launch written by Samantha Murphy and came out on November 1, 2012. From Mashable website.

As everyone knows or may know Hurricane Sandy hit New York City pretty bad and crippled them earlier in the week. But with that it did not stop the new I-Pad Mini from Apple from bringing it out on it’s highly anticipated due date Friday. Even though with the transportation being very limited preventing some of their customers from work and to other much needed places, Apple continued it’s launch as planned, bad weather or not. On the fifth avenue location the launch was still on there was only one person waiting in the line. Apple itself had to shuttle their own employees to work  and only 15 of the employees took advantage of the bus services that were offered.

For this article I find even the weather can effect a business such as Apple, New York was one city hit and crippled, but not as bad as some of the other area’s hit by Hurricane Sandy. Apple still managed to make due with what they had even though they had bad circumstances their sales will go up but not in the way that had hoped. But this proves no matter what people are still wanting electronics made by Apple no matter what happens.

The second article I found interesting was Zen and the Art of Website Conversation written by Kat French posted on October 31, 2012. From Social Media Explorer.

Before Social Media was part of Pete Cashmore’s job he built websites. Also including such thing’s as making flyers, billboards and brochures. As with most websites and other paper media, some thing’s will not change and that is when should you stop adding to what you have. In the many positions that one person may have with creating websites is how much capacity or content should be on them. Make them neat and interesting to create the ideal or perfect website. But that never usually happens and some websites look cluttered and messy like it just doesn’t belong. With websites that are talked about in this blog, people rather have what they need and what they want than something that is cluttered and not being able to find the information that they need. It deals with Zen you don’t mess with a good thing, mess with it and it will go down hill and now people will not want to look at it or even read the content if it is to full. Filling a website with clutter only frustrates and overwhelms the person looking at the site, they want quick easy simple site to find what they want when they need it. Make them quick and efficient with no hassles to deal with the easier it will be for the users. Less complaints, more conversations of positive thoughts and comments will come from the user/customer. People want to have a good experience so they can come back and the company will have repeat business. For example google want to find something you have to do some searching to find what you need it might look like a lot of clutter at first but type in the search engine what you want it get less of a distraction and more information that you want.

With Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blog’s you can organize with gadgets and widget’s. With these sites you add and subtract people you socialize with or even having multiple items on a page like facebook with their games. Getting people from one of your sites and connect them to another using widgets like Twitter and Facebook even including blog’s. Corporate websites can also lack the substantial usefulness and some thing’s you can’t get rid of. Each and every thing that is included on the page may like or dislike what is on the page after they pass the homepage of a site. Each is to their own, you want to attract people make a site more inviting and clear path they will have less stress and more ease of enjoying. Eliminate all clutter to make it better for the user they will come back more then less.

I find this article very interesting it tells the truth of what happens with content in a website some are overcrowded and stressful to use. The less cluttered a page is the better for the customer or user of the site to get through. Less garbage on the site and more useful information and content the better. Such as Via Rail and other examples of business do a good job at providing their customers with the information they need to go somewhere. It says a lot about social media how it works. For businesses it can effect them in a good or bad way depending on what information they put on their sites and they do not overcrowd them and not make their consumer confused and disorientated.

Last but not least my third article that I have chosen is called Move Over Blackberry: Pentagon Opens Up The Possibility OF Adding iPhone of Android Devices. Written By Darrel Etherington, posted on November 1, 2012. From TechCrunch.

In the U.S. the Government is looking at replacing the Blackberry in which most businesses use now for company phones and switch them up for better phones such as the I-Phone and Android series phones. With this being said RIM will no longer be part of the smartphones that are planning on using and are keeping their options open. They are looking for companies that will submit applications on how they can have stricter security measures than the ones that are already in place. This means 8 million devices could be used for the Defense Department which means bad news for RIM and good news for the company replacing them such as I-Phone or Android. RIM is trying to come up with a potential solution for them to consider. But some other parts of the U.S.  such as immigration and Customs have already made the decision  to entirely switch over to I-Phone and Blackberry might still have a chance with the Pentagon yet. The Pentagon is waiting to see what Blackberry is going to do next and see what their future en devours might take them. They will find out by April whether Blackberry will meet their criteria or not.

This article for instance will have a big impact on Blackberry (RIM – Research in Motion). If all of these companies switch it will dig RIM  into a bigger while than are already in. Their stocks will also drop. Unless RIM, Blackberry can fix their issues and make their company better to compete with iPhone and Android they might end up bankrupt and or out of business entirely.

My own analysis on these three articles that I found all very interesting. My final thoughts are they are all connected by social media businesses. What can make or break you within a business or a company. Either from switching a phone for your main business to a cluttered website that is only useful with the appropriate content on it. Also including on how a Hurricane can effect sales or not. It is the decisions that one company makes that will effect what will happen in the present or the future. They make sure they fix the mistakes that have happened to make sure they have a better future within the business or company.



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