Three Ways or Steps to Improve my Digital Footprint and Build a Personal Brand

Hello once again everyone, this week I am going to discuss three ways/steps to how I myself am going to improve my digital footprint on the web. Some people might say what is a digital footprint if you don’t know already it is what you leave on the internet for people to see such as your facebook page, twitter, and last but not least Linked in. Linked in is how we now a days have an online resume and what I have learned to use and update through my college course. But I will discuss or touch on some of the thing’s in my three steps/ways to improve upon my digital footprint.

To get started my very first thing that I would improve upon is to use my Linked In account more often and to update it. With such sites as Linked In it’s a better and updated way of using technology to your advantage, if you are a tech savvy kind of person. But even if your not tech savvy with computers it is one of the easier ways to be online and out there for the business world.

More and more companies and businesses now a days are looking online for employees people to work for. Hardly any companies take hard copies, paper version of your resume anymore it’s more of the online age now.

I find that I have to get on more to enhance myself to get out there and get a good job after I am finished with my education. By using Linked In and keeping it updated every time is the best possible way of doing that. I find that you can use Linked In to connect with people from other businesses, find job postings, update and post thing’s on there to get a potential employer to hire you for what you are good at as well as being skilled.

The second step I would take is to watch what I do on Facebook. You never know who or what is watching what you do on Facebook. If I were to do anything to improve my digital footprint is to edit my profile and private setting’s to only those I know, such as family friends. If I ever make friends with employees or employers never to post anything that could ruin my reputation that could or would get me fired. Facebook is very odd when it comes to digital footprint everybody or nobody may notice you for what you do or have done. One thing that I have learned never post anything on the internet or Facebook that might get you sacked from a job that you love doing the most. It even be over a goofy photo from many years ago but still one Google search and boom there you go. I know now to be professional do not post anything that I know or think would hurt me down the road, it might be fun and games on day but very serious the next.

The third and last step that I would do is Twitter. Who knows what could happen on twitter. I haven’t been on Twitter very long and have been enjoying it a little bit more since taking my course in college. But it is another social media item that can have an effect on me and my plans for the future. I don’t want to be one of those people who might have one of those stressful days and my just vent it all out on Twitter. Then realize after the fact that may have not been the best choice that I have ever made. Who might that effect other than me and who might get mad for what have said or done. What would the down side be and what would the backlash be from it all. How will it effect the position you are in by what you have said about so and so or what you my have said about your company because of a bad day at work. How many people have ever wanted to let off steam and do that I know I have a few times but bit my tongue and said that’s not such a good idea.

With using all three steps that I have listed I can definitely use them to my advantage. By using Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter I can make myself look professional in a business person’s eyes, as long as I take all the right steps to make sure that nothing negative happens to my image. I can make the best or the worst out of it, it is what I choose to do that will effect the outcome of what will or may happen in my future. I can make a better life for myself by enhancing and improving on all three sites that I have talked about. Use what I have on hand to improve such as checking Google to see if I am on the first page with any one of these sites and if I am getting good or bad reviews or comments from other users.

On this note I hope most people will  re-think on what they have done or haven’t done to help improve themselves to make better use of  resources at hand. It definitely has made me double think about what I do online about my personal brand and digital footprint left behind online.



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