Social Media Strategy in a Business World

Hello Everyone, this week my blog will be a little more different than usual. This week I will be doing my blog on a Social Media Strategy that will help a business using social media. I hope that you all will enjoy this blog and will get some idea’s and insight on what you can do yourself with some of the information provided. This is also from a business that was given to us called Extreme Promotional Materials.


Extreme Promotional Materials deals mainly with Team Jersey’s, as well as a vast variety of goods. Extreme Promotional Materials Facebook page would have the company logo, Albums of what they have such as pictures of their team jerseys, what the store outlook is like. Even get some of the employees in making the materials and what they do. Provide polls and a custom page on the timeline. Expand further into Ontario and other Provinces.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

Extreme Promotional Materials stands for the sports in the community. EPM is building up to spreading out past school and league teams. We want to expand into both greater geographical and get into the niche markets of today. By using Facebook we will achieve our goal of expanding and spread out from south eastern Ontario after spending the last 15 years coming up with new and creative ways to serve our customers better.

Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Materials holds highest standards and best quality on our products and services with just dealing mainly with printing. We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and if not they can comment on our Facebook page, or even contact directly if they are not 100% happy with what they have bought.

Target Audiences:

Our company’s goal is to target people of all ages from high school to the parents of the teenagers. Whether they play sports, or just want a Jersey with from baseball or hockey to have their favorite players name on the back. They want to be loud and proud in what they wear. We want to be wide spread from south eastern Ontario throughout to Canada and even expand to U.S. target markets. We want our customers to be happy and satisfactory and leading into positive relationships with the customers.

Social Media Tools:

The company will be sticking with one Social Media Tool and that will be Facebook. We will have a full time person working with the site to answer any comments or question from our customers and clients. We want them to have a positive experience and not wanting them to leave the site deterred and frustrated because their question did not get answered as quickly or as thoroughly wanted. This business would get a lot of followers because there are a lot of Facebook users worldwide now. They would use it because Facebook is really convenient and easy to use and get around.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

For the company using Facebook will help improve the business and help the business achieve their goal into getting more of a wide spread attention from more leagues around the world. Not only leagues but fans of sports. The content of the page will include everything about the store, from what we do to what the customer wants and needs. We want to set a friendly environment for our customers we want to make them happy and keep them satisfied within the process. Our target audience is the entire Facebook world from teens in high school to their parents and up. We want to stay up beat and also up to date on the latest trends. Our posting frequency would be daily we have hired a person to create the Facebook page for the company and another person who has experience within our company to answer any and all questions from the time that we open to the time that we are closed to serve and to satisfy the customers or users of Facebook. If they do not answer it will be responded to immediately the next day.


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