How to Measure Success, the pros & cons of it all

Hello once again everyone, with this week’s blog I will be writing on three different Social Media Measurement Tools or Services that will be useful or can be useful. I will also be discussing the pro’s and con’s on the three tools or services that I have researched and have also learned in my social media class. To start off the three tools or services that I will talking about this week are as listed here are 1.) Twitter Counter, 2.) Sysomos & last but not least 3.) WordPress Stats. I hope you all enjoy reading this blog if not at least come out with some knowledge of these three sites and what they can do for a business or a business that you own or work for.

The first one that I have picked and have done research one is Twitter Counter which I have added an example of by using by going into my twitter account and shows an example of another person and how many followers that they have. Twitter Counter is a program that checks that stats of your twitter followers. It let’s you see how many people are actually following you if you are curious to find out. So I went and checked the site out myself and found it to be a very interesting page. I have even looked up myself on twitter counter and found some low numbers since October.  It let’s you know the top 100 people that are most followed, and how to get more followers, but by doing that you will have to pay money. For a business you can check to see what top 100 businesses there are on twitter and compare them to yours.  Other than that it is free to use and also fun and interesting to use to find out where you are and to find out how many twitter followers you have by statistics. I find the Pro’s for Twitter Counter are that it is easy to navigate and find what you want. It’s great for a business that wants to find out how they are doing compared to others. They can see how many followers that they have and see what stats that they have as well. You can even use the search if you can’t find what you are looking for. A company can also get notifications to let them know how many tweets that they put out.

I think Twitter Counter is a good site for being able to keep an eye on how many people are following you, as well as keeping yourself notified how many tweets that you have hit. It’s a very organised and neat site, with a good use of colors and they don’t make it overwhelming for the user. They make it user friendly.

The second one that I have chosen to do is Sysomos. Sysomos is a social media analytic’s site that helps redefine social media for company’s. It also helps marketers, and many other companies and advertisers the insight and knowledge they need to help a business succeed in making them smarter and make better strategic decisions for their company. Sysomos collects data from sources such as Twitter, Blog’s such wordpress or other’s, wiki, and many other sites. It’s also a site to help a business to discover what kind of conversations that are happening in what the age range of customer’s are and the demographic of everything. It will help a business grow and get the tone of the conversations that are going on as well. It also has MAP which stands for Media Analysis Platform which is for Business Intelligence for Social Media  and Heartbeat a Monitoring and Measurement. They are both products from Sysomos. They also have a Solutions and Reports tabs for helping a company with social media and ways to help you brand your company. The pro’s for Sysomos would be they are a Social Media Software that can help business’s, brand’s and agencies in what they need. Help business’s improve themselves. It’s also another user friendly site to use for a business. It also helps manage your twitter and facebook pages, social media monitoring, engagement and analytic’s and insights for business’s.

I found with Sysomos is a good site for a company to use it has everything in one simple site. I like it, it would be a site that I would use if I had my own business or even suggest it to a business that I am working for. It is another site that doesn’t over do it with the colors, it’s neat and get’s to the point to what business’s want and need to help them improve or to help keep track of sites used in one area such as twitter and facebook together.

The third I one that I have chosen is WordPress Stats. WordPress Stats is a web analytic’s site that is used. For a business WordPress Stats would help them with their blog’s, let them know how many wordpress sites there are in the world. When I checked there was about 58,141,107 wordpress sites in the world as of now. It will give a business or even bloggers such as myself, how many people actually read wordpress blogs, how many posts were published, to what business and companies for example CNN, Techcrunch, NBC Sports and a few others. It also gives you a percentage languages that WordPress uses in the world. For a business this would be great it lets them know what is going on with wordpress and what their stats are when you are signed on. It would also be helpful for a company to keep track of everything that is on the page, let them know how many languages that are used, who is at the top for who uses wordpress. The pro’s about WordPress stats is that it so everything that should be convenient for a business on one page. Will WordPress keep growing and if it does the better the business will do by getting their blogs out and finding other people that may have interesting ideas on their company.

For myself I think WordPress Stats is a good way to keep in touch with what you do and to keep an eye on thing’s and to give you a new perspective on thing’s and what you can do for a business. Know how to utilize what you know and how to use it. It gives you stats of what you want to know about your wordpress. I think it is creative and good to know, I like it for what it is.

Out of all of the three Social Media Tools or Services that I picked, I liked all three of them. I think personally that would work for business, as well as for personal use as well. Everyone is curious on how they are doing and now will know how do use these measurement tools, and if they haven’t heard about them spread the word, let them know about them. I know I will look into them more now, I know more about them now then before I started my SMET class (Social Media & Emerging Technologies). There are more to use, other than the ones that I have chosen but these are the three that I like and would probably use in the future, depending on either how much they cost or if they are free to use.

That is the ending of my blog for this week, I hope that everyone has enjoyed this entry.



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