Final Thoughts About SMET

Hello everyone, this will be my final blog for this semester of the of the year. For this blog I will be giving my final thoughts on what I think from when I started this program up until now. So here is all that I know and learned from this semester from the beginning to end. I hope you all enjoy it.

At the beginning of the Social Media and Emerging Technology course I didn’t really know much about the course at all. Now I know more about SMET than when I first started the class. I have realized that I have actually learned quite a bit since the beginning of this course. This class has been very helpful in learning the Social Media and the Emerging Technology that comes from it.

I learned more about social media tools and services since the beginning of the course, I also know more about twitter and Facebook analysis through learning the social media tools and how to use them to see how many times I use twitter or Facebook. I now know how to blog better than I used to, and will make better use of it in the future for anything I need to do. I will also check and update my Facebook and twitter to make sure everything is done appropriately.

My thoughts about this class has improved I have enjoyed this class more than I thought I would, it was an enjoyable and fun experience. My opinions haven’t changed much but I have enjoyed the SMET course and everything that I have learned, including the Disney presentation that we have done today I have learned about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and what they have to offer for businesses. At the end of it all I will be more positive about everything that I have gained from this class and become a better person from it. I will using Facebook, Twitter and blogging more now then when I used to, now that I know how to blog it is more interesting than when I first started because I didn’t know how to use it at first now I do.



Cesar Millan Blog

I have found a blog on Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer. It’s a show that is on televison that Cesar comes to help misbehavioral dogs or dogs that have bad habits they may have gotten from their owners or from bad past experiences. Cesar helps the owner’s as well as the dog so they can become one or in harmony so the dog and owner can be calm and submissive as well as being relaxed and not nervous about everything that is going to happen.

Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer, is a business and televsion show on how to train your dog properly but not only the dog the owner as well so they can both live in harmony. They site itself is very detailed and organized. It teaches everyone what they can do with their pets to help them as well as owner’s to have a happy and healthier lives. They discuss many and interesting subjects to let you know when rabies day so you know when to get your dog’s shots and to take care of them. The blog itself is neat, organized, full of infromation that people will want or need to know on how to raise and take care of your dog or dog’s. The blog is updated regulary, spots for people to respond and get their relpies back. It has a profile, video’s and photo’s for fellow blogger’s to follow along with an be updated on what’s new and updated on his most latest adventure or case that is being worked on. In my own opinion the blog is very well organized easy to access and use. It’s well prepared and is has used it’s resources well and it’s advertising on the sides are interesting and stick out very well. The blog is through myspace which I find interesting. There is not much colour but it’s sweet and simple it’s not to in your face.

In my conlusion for this blog it’s very insightful, creative and full of information I would want to know about for my dog. I would come back to this blog again for more information and to see how more updated it has gotten from the last time I checked. I find it to be great for dog owner’s in helping them with their own dog’s and how to get help with training their dog’s as well as themselves so they can be in better harmony with each other.


Exciting Assignment # 1

My initial thoughts on social media and emerging technology is fun and exciting so far. It makes you learn about blogs and learn how to create them like what I am doing right now. I am enjoying it so far and it’s very interesting.

I am expecting to learn a lot from this course and how to blog , use twitter and many other exciting new and interesting social media. I might not know a lot about this course right now but I am hoping to learn a lot from this course and to get to know to use the blogging page more. I also like to meet knew people in this class as well as on the blogging page. I am hoping to it will be challenging and fun to attend for the semester.

I am hoping to come out of this class knowing a lot more about social media and emerging technology. I also want to become more knowledgeable from this course and what will come from it. I am excited and am having fun so far with enjoying this class and hope there will be more fun and exciting thing’s to come.